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2 Stroke Tuner

Feb 222018

Roadie 2 Automatic Instrument Tuner

Fully standalone, the Roadie 2 uses vibration detection to tune in even the noisiest of environments.

Feb 222018

Roadie Tuner – Automatic Guitar Tuner

With over three times more accuracy than the human ear, Roadie Tuner can even tune in noisy environments.

Feb 222018

Motionize Paddle – Sports Tracker For Paddlers

You will get to see your distance per stroke, strokes per minute, stroke length, the number of strokes per session, the ratio between the efficiency of your technique and heart rate (requires a heart rate

Feb 222018

Fitbit Flex 2 Fitness Tracker

Delivering call and text notifications, the fitbit flex 2 keeps you in the loop yet doesn’t distract you so you can stay in the zone.

Feb 222018

Wheelman 50cc Gas Skateboard

This skateboard’s 2-stroke engine takes a mixture of gas and oil and can hold one liter of fuel at a time. That will give you around a run time of one hour or 30 miles at a speed of up to 25 mph.

Feb 222018

Risk Assessment For Stroke And Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Introducing WIWE, the world's first wearable sensor that can detect the early signs of both stroke and SCA.