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2001 Saturn Sw2 Review | Gadget Flow

2001 Saturn Sw2 Review

Feb 222018

Saturn Spill-Proof Wine Glass Set

Enjoy your wine without the mess with the Saturn Spill-Proof Wine Glass Set. Coming in a set of two, these glasses have an interesting yet innovative design.

Feb 222018

Saturn Wooden Sunglasses

Why not try these Saturn Wooden Sunglasses. They are handmade in Italy and come with polarized lenses. That’s not it.

Feb 222018

Pixelkabinett 42 – Handmade Full-Size Coin-Up Arcade Cabinet

There’s a glowing planetarium on the front with an engraved saturn speaker grill as an added decoration. Even when not in use, the folding top will keep dust away.

Feb 222018

Silver Saturn Watch By Ziiiro

Enjoy the digital hand movement on your everyday wristwatch in the form of segments by using the Silver Saturn Watch by Ziiiro.

Feb 222018

Datorbox Compact Desktop Gaming System

At the top is a Saturn style grille for easy heat release. The Datorbox features six big bulb-caps on the front panel. These bulbs light up in an ambient Larsen scanner display.

Feb 222018

PET De Lux Custom Commodore Computer

A re-creation of the all-inclusive computer PET 2001, the PET De Lux pays homage to the original release in 1977. This unique model comes with original accents such as its small keyboard.