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200ua Vu Meter

Feb 222018

Meters OV-1B Luxury Over-Ear Headphones

Of course, as the original, the OV-1B feature the unique VU meter. As you jam out, the meter actually moves in real time. On the side are touch controls for managing songs, playlists, and even calls.

Feb 222018

Luxury Headphones

Unlike anything you’ve ever seen, these headphones come with a VU meter on the left and ear cups. These indicate line-level signal just like what the professionals use on mixing desks.

Feb 222018

Deja Vu Water Filtration Vaporizer

The Déjà Vu herbal & wax vaporizer is the breakthrough in vapor technology of the features that had been only imagined years ago.

Feb 222018

Deja Vu White Timepiece

The Deja Vu White Timepiece is a creation by European architect and designer Denis Guidone. He calls it “the Sweep of Time” or “what time leaves behind.” It’s not exactly H.W.

Feb 222018

Vaavud V2 Smartphone Wind Meter

Thanks to the Vaavud v2 Smartphone Wind Meter, this is now possible. Using this wind meter, you can take accurate readings with wind speeds ranging from 1-40 m/s, having precision of around +/- 4%.

Feb 222018

Sekonic LiteMaster Pro L-478DR/D

What’s truly amazing here is the size of the meter which is comfortable for use and comes with a large LCD display.