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2017 Medical Chip

Feb 222018

WRIXO Connected Medical ID Wristband

Introducing the WRIXO Connected Medical ID Wristband. This intelligent wearable could save your life. Inside this wristband is an embedded NFC wireless chip as well as a unique QR ID.

Feb 222018

Shopify Chip & Swipe Reader

Take your small business to your target market with the Shopify Chip & Swipe Reader. This compact device functions as a portable cash register.

Feb 222018

Connected Medical Kit By CliniCloud

Getting medical opinion sitting back at home was never this easy. By using the Connected Medical Kit by CliniCloud, you’ll be able to bring the doctor home anytime anywhere.

Feb 222018

Syringe Highlighters

From the amazing MedInc range 5 syringe highlighter are an idea gift for medical students, nurses or any other person working in a medical field.  

Feb 222018

Modoo – The World’s Smallest Fetus Monitoring Patch

Made with stainless steel, a soft silicone casing, and medical grade silicone paste, Modoo is meant to be worn directly on the mother’s stomach to catch every movement.

Feb 222018

CHiP Smart Cookie Oven

With the CHiP Smart Cookie Oven, you can get the best cookies in as little as ten minutes.