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20sl Kinetic

Feb 222018

Kinetic Road Machine Indoor Trainer

Thanks to a 2 1/8-inch roller, the Kinetic Road Machine reduces the wear caused to your tires as you ride.

Feb 222018

Stir Kinetic Desk – The Desk That Drives Results

To create the best workforce for your company, get them Stir Kinetic Desks. They will actively engage your employees to stand more while working so they’re healthier and more productive.

Feb 222018

Kinetic Sand Starter Set

98% sand and 2% polymer results in a mess free way of enjoying a sand art game using this Kinetic Sand Starter Set. This sand kit is so entertaining that you would never want to put it down.

Feb 222018

Sequent Kinetic Self-Charging Smartwatch

Use clean energy to stay connected when you have the Sequent Kinetic Self-Charging Smartwatch. This wearable focuses on the main problem with our devices: dead batteries.

Feb 222018

PowerRemote Kinetic Button For PowerCube By Allocacoc

Control your PowerCube with a touch of your toe with the PowerRemote Kinetic Button by Allocacoc. This device comes with a large button deigned for you to step on to power your PowerCube instantly.