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2.2mm Spray Gun

Feb 222018


The Bug-A-Salt Original Salt Gun is equipped to deal with your everyday household pests.The gun shoots a shotgun like spray of salt up to 3 ft. and kills flies on contact.

Feb 222018

Wine Gun – Electric Wine Opener

Simply pull the trigger to remove the cork from the bottle and push the trigger forward to extract the cork from the gun.

Feb 222018

Merge VR 6DoF Blaster Game Controller

On the gun itself, you have a trigger, a reload button, and a zoom control. In addition, the 6DoF Blaster has a button that reduces the speed of enemy fire — a fun little extra.

Feb 222018

GunBox – The Biometric Hand Gun Safe

There’s no safer place in your home for your firearm than the GunBox Biometric Hand Gun Safe. Requiring a fingerprint for access, this storage box will never allow unauthorized access to your gun.

Feb 222018

Handgun Egg Frying Mold

With this Gun Egg Fryer, your eggs will finish up with a bang! Spruce up plain old eggs by pouring them into this bangin' gun mold to make a breakfast to die for.

Feb 222018

Smart Scent

It allows you to get kinds of spray at anytime or anywhere, it is a perfume bottle which can be worn.