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24 Ounce Mason Jar Mug

Feb 222018

The Portland Press

Most importantly, if the Mason jar does break, replacing it is as simple as pulling a new jar out of a box.

Feb 222018

The Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker

Inspired by the classic southern icon, the Mason jar, the Mason Shaker is a unique four-piece cocktail shaker that harkens to American eras past.

Feb 222018

Mason Ball Jar Lid With Straw

What you get is a ball jar lid for a Mason glass jar, along with a reusable acrylic straw. It’s a regular mouth lid, so it shouldn’t be hard for you to match it with one of your Mason jars.

Feb 222018

The Traveler Mug

Drink your coffee in style by replacing your existing coffee mug with something as cool as The Traveler Mug. It is a 16 oz mason jar which has been beautifully hugged in vegetable tanned leather.

Feb 222018

Mason Jar Drink Dispenser

It has been carefully designed out of high-quality, durable glass shaped as a mason jar.

Feb 222018

CUB 15-Minute Cold Brew Coffee System

The CUB Coffee System comes with a 32-ounce Mason jar. Simply place stainless steel filter basket inside and fill with your grounds and cold water. Then, put the pump and chamber on top and pump.