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24297 Nose Roller Kit

Feb 222018

Sushezi Sushi Roller Kit

So, when are you grabbing your sushi roller kit?

Feb 222018

The H2 Kit – Optimize Health & Happiness

The H2 Kit eBook is FREE with the purchase of an H2 Kit, it comprises of an easy-to-follow exercise routine with illustrations and descriptions, and an education section on: Foam Rolling, Stretching, Posture

Feb 222018

Patterned Paint Roller Kit

All you need is the Rollerwall roller and applicator system, and your choice of any ordinary house paint.

Feb 222018

Trump Growing Nose Watch

The Trump Growing Nose Watch Comes with a leather strap, gift/ collector's box and a lifetime guarantee. It's sure to become a collectors item.

Feb 222018

NoviConnected Smart Luggage Travel Roller By INCASE

In fact, this roller comes with a five-foot charging cable. All these neat tricks are controlled via the companion app, while the case provides loads of room for your vacation wardrobe.

Feb 222018

Eedu – An Easy Drone Kit That Teaches You Coding And Robotics

Give it a nose for sniffing out hazardous material, temperature sensors for feeling heat, or any other sensor to make exciting applications. Eedu puts you in the designer's seat.