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25 In 1 Tool

Feb 222018

Utili-Key 6-in-1 Tool

If you need them, the tool has everything from micro-flat and Phillips screwdrivers to an eyeglass screwdriver, bottle opener and a semi-serrated knife blade.

Feb 222018

Wallet Ninja 16-in-1 Multi-Tool

Wallet Ninja assumes the flat shape of a credit card and lies in wait inside your wallet, ready to spring into action when his talents are called for.

Feb 222018

AutoXscape 3-in-1 Emergency Car Tool

A much more reliable solution than spring-loaded alternatives which may fail to load in a life or death situation.

Feb 222018

DAOKI 7-in-1 Multifunctional Carabiner Knife Tool

At its very basic, the DAOKI Knife Tool comes in the shape of an ultra strong carabiner. Not only can you attach it to anything, but it also means the tool is always within reach.

Feb 222018

Swiss+Tech 20-in-1 Deluxe Cycling Tool

hex driver; 6mm hex driver; 8mm hex driver; T25 star driver; 8mm wrench; 10mm wrench; 3.5mm spoke wrench; 3.8mm spoke wrench; 4mm spoke wrench; 6mm Mavic spoke wrench; 10mm Mavic spoke wrench; chain tool

Feb 222018

T4 Titanium Multi Tool

By being a lightweight design machined from 6al-4v titanium, this multi-tool deserves to be a smart addition for your everyday carry.