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2xx Suction Cup

Feb 222018

GrappyBand Magnetic Smartphone Sports Strap

Likewise, the suction cup conveniently sticks to tiles and mirrors so you can cook, apply makeup and more.

Feb 222018

Alter Multipurpose Smartphone Mount

The magnet can attach to anything from a street lamp to a half pipe while the suction cup works with nonporous surfaces.

Feb 222018

Joby Action Suction Cup With GorillaPod Arm

The cup can be used for mounting on the truck or car, boat, kayak, motorcycle or any kind of off-road vehicle. Shooting your favorite videos on the go becomes easy and hassle-free now.

Feb 222018

Drink E-Z – The Automatic Drinking Cup

Made up of four interlocking parts and operated by three AAA batteries, the Drink E-Z™ cup looks like your standard to-go cup aside from the tantalizing button at the cup’s base.

Feb 222018

CineSquid Suction Cup Camera Mount

The squid-like appearance and the suction-cups gives it that quality of sticking on surfaces and making your time with the camera more unique in terms of capturing views, especially those you capture using

Feb 222018

Minimalist Aluminum Micro-Suction Stand For Your Mobile Devices

Coming in gold, silver, or black, the Micro-Suction Stand can hold anything from a GPS to a tablet to your Apple Watch.