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3 Peas 1 Pod

Feb 222018

Frozen Peas Ice Mould

The Frozen Peas Ice Mould from Suck UK will help you make giant spherical ice cubes. Yes, a spherical ice cube is a contradiction in terms, but let’s leave the language cops out of this.

Feb 222018

Pod 3 Customizable GPS Tracker

Keep track of the things you love most with the Pod 3 Customizable GPS Tracker. This system helps you find your items virtually anywhere in the world at the touch of a button.

Feb 222018

Lee Pea Sheller Jr

With this addition of power, you can shell peas at unprecedented speeds. The Pea Sheller Jr saves the integrity of your peas and beans as it doesn’t mash or squeeze them.

Feb 222018

KFC Internet Escape Pod

Get away from your social media notifications and avoid the Black Friday deals with the KFC Internet Escape Pod.

Feb 222018

Z.A.P.S. Gear Survival Grenade

1 - striker for ferro cerium fire-starter, glow in the dark pull cord, 1 single gallon Ziploc bag for carrying water, 3 windproof/waterproof matches (15 second burn time) and match striker, 1 large needle