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3d Sense Clock

Feb 222018

The Only Clock Digital LED Clock

These solutions comply with all the functional and aesthetic requirements for the clock and allow production for mainstream customers.

Feb 222018

White & White Clock – 3D Digital LED Black Edition Clock

However, the clock will only work with your mains electricity connection but there’s a battery you may use when there’s a power outage.

Feb 222018

Sense – Smart Alarm

Sense will wake you when you are in the lightest part of your sleep cycle within 30 minutes prior to the time you set. That way, you wake up at the right time for you.

Feb 222018

Transforming Clock

By realizing this philosophy, the ETCH Clock does much more than tell time. The patent pending technology is housed in an aluminum frame and is available in a dark Peacock color.

Feb 222018

The Perfect Chino – Custom Made To Fit You By Woodies

We make perfect fitting chinos using advanced 3D measuring technology. Woodies started because standard sizing doesn't make sense like it used to.

Feb 222018

Perspective Clock

Such a surprising encounter with time is rarely something you can afford to miss, especially when it’s about a clock that adds a spectacular charm to your home decor.