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3d Structure Sensor Skeleton

Feb 222018

Structure Sensor – The 3D Scanner For IPad

Structure Scanner has an iOS developers kit and has open source drivers for many platforms making it hackable for just about anything.

Feb 222018

3D Aluminum Dinosaur Skeleton

Originally featuring a plastic structure, the Boneyard Pets Smilodon and Velociraptor have a modern touch with stunning aluminum.

Feb 222018

Migo Portable Connected 3D Printer

Likewise, its unibody structure offers better precision. With its minimalist design, Migo comfortably fits on your desktop.

Feb 222018

Skeleton XIII Watch Inspired Bracelet

The Skeleton XIII is a stunning piece of ingenuity. Because each is made by hand, no two bracelets are the same. This limited edition jewelry is comprised of just 50 pieces.

Feb 222018

Scribbler DUO Dual Nozzle 3D Printing Pen

As you draw, your idea turns into a 3D structure. In addition, the Scribbler DUO has a dual nozzle design. With two active nozzles, you can create faster than ever before.

Feb 222018

Zepp Golf 3D Training System

The result of the Zepp Golf 3D Training System is a consistent, more precise, and improved golf swing.