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4k E Shift Technology Shift

Feb 222018

Shift Drone And Intuitive Controller

Become one with your quadcopter when you have the Shift Drone and Intuitive Controller. The expertly crafted drone flies effortlessly through the air but it is all controlled by just a single hand.

Feb 222018

SHIFT Band Performance Band For Smartwatches

Made with Viton, the same material as the Apple Watch Sport band, the SHIFT Band is lightweight yet highly durable to last a lifetime.

Feb 222018

Oakley Airwave GPS Goggles 2014

These are cutting-edge sports and adventure goggles featuring the latest in wearable technology.

Feb 222018

YERKA – ‘The Unstealable Bike’

We went back to the roots of security and made a paradigm shift: “Make a lock out of the bike”. Now a thief would have to cut through the main structure to take the bicycle, defeating the purpose.

Feb 222018

Silk’n Lipo Fat Reducing Device

The Silk'n Lipo works on a variety of problem areas that are tough to shift fat. These include your stomach, arms, legs, love handles, and buttocks.

Feb 222018

360fly 4K 360-Degree Camera

That’s exactly what has happened with the 360fly 4K 360-Degree Camera.