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72 Charger Fuel Sending Unit

Feb 222018

Jaq Fuel Cell Charger – Future Of Portable Charging

It’s time to say goodbye to power jacks and switch to a more sophisticated form of portable charging with Jaq Pocket-Sized Fuel Cell Charger.

Feb 222018


Designed for road cyclists, mountain bikers, horse riders and motorcyclists, the unit attaches easily to your ride, with a detachable jack plug that tethers to your belt loop or clothing.

Feb 222018

Fuel – The World’s Smallest Phone Charger

The Devotec Fuel Micro Charger is the world’s smallest phone charger. It’s a 220 milliAmp hour battery that’s only half an inch thick, 1.3 inches long and 0.9 of an inch wide.

Feb 222018

Danish Fuel Tank Bar Cabinet

Add a unique touch to your home with the Danish Fuel Tank Bar Cabinet. By redesigning old Jerry Cans from World War II, Danish Fuel has created a luxury bar cabinet.

Feb 222018

Smart Wireless Charging Jacket

The SNOW-C jacket uses a flexible wireless charger that is 20 times thinner than a standard wireless charger.

Feb 222018

Fuel Micro Charger 2 – Emergency Charger For IPhone

If your iPhone often runs out of charge while you’re on the go, you need not worry anymore with the Fuel Micro Charger 2 in your pocket.