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7576 Led Bulb

Feb 222018

Sony LED Light Bulb Speaker

Also, perfect for your bedside table, the LED Light Bulb Speaker has a sleep timer.

Feb 222018

Ceci LED Lamp

The Ceci LED Lamp is a creation by Dutch designer Sander Mulder, who took inspiration from the famous surrealist artworks by Rene Magritte which begin with “Ceci n'est pas…” He would paint an object

Feb 222018

SVET – The Health-Friendly Light Bulb

Launching soon, SVET is a LED light bulb with the highest quality light output, which mimics the natural light to help you to improve your health and mental state.

Feb 222018

Led Bulb In Memory Of Edison’s Bulb

Made in Italy by Andrea Ciappesoni, this is an LED bulb designed in honor and memory of Edison’s bulb. Although it appears to be a traditional bulb, it is anything but.

Feb 222018

Nanoleaf Energy-Saving LED Light Bulb

This helps you use it safely in a fully enclosed lighting device or lampshade, and makes the bulb more durable and long-lasting.

Feb 222018

BrightYolk – The World’s First Replaceable Modular LED Light Bulb

Never throw away another LED light bulb! Now you can just replace the LED light module. That way, you'll be able to save money as well as the environment.