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8k Basic

Feb 222018

8K Virtual Reality Headset

With the Pimax 8K, you can just use your peripheral vision instead of having to move your head, allowing for a more intuitive experience.

Feb 222018

Insta360 Pro 8K Camera

Capture your world and deliver a masterpiece with the Insta360 Pro 8K Camera. This powerful system offers an incredible 8K resolution to show the world as you see it.

Feb 222018

TouchPoints Basic – Stress Relieving Wearable

TouchPoints basic uses bi-lateral alternating stimulation tactile (BLAST) technology. This series of vibrations alters your body's stress response (i.e the Flight, Flight, or Freeze response).

Feb 222018

Basic Leather Backpack By Simple Be

Perfect for carrying to work or used for a night out, the Basic Leather Backpack is an elegant addition to your wardrobe.

Feb 222018

Most Wanted Exotic Cars: See It, Feel It, Hear It, Smell It

It's a luxurious piece of art that triggers four of your basic senses, so you can actually see it, feel it, hear it and smell it. Intrigued yet?

Feb 222018

Arki: Your Walking Coach

It tells your physical body balance and can be used as a biometric solution on the top of the basic activity tracking functions.