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A Pea Inthe Pod

Feb 222018

Lee Pea Sheller Jr

Introducing the Lee Pea Sheller Jr – the one device that will save you time like never before. The Pea Sheller Jr is a compact system to fit right on your counter top.

Feb 222018

KFC Internet Escape Pod

Made in the USA, this special pod comes with a small army of people to install your Internet-free zone.

Feb 222018

Paxis Pack Modular Backpack

At the base of the Paxis Pack is a shuttle pod.

Feb 222018

Milestone Pod Running Tracker

As a secondary bonus, the device is an automatic odometer so you can determine the life of your shoes.

Feb 222018


ORA pod is a compact wireless charger. An innovative and elegant accessory for your mobile device that is designed to go everywhere you go.

Feb 222018

Pod Power

With three outlets distributed on a 9-foot extension cord, the Pod Power gives you the opportunity to share power with everyone around.