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Feb 222018

STIX Single Brass Wood Bench

At first glance, the STIX Bench seems quite hard. Incredibly, as you take a seat, the 121 individual STIX mold to the shape of your body.

Feb 222018

Mix Stix Spoons

They are made out of wood and have got a stunning combination of functionality both as a stirrer and as a drum beater.

Feb 222018

Crossover Black By Projects Watches

It’s a concept that has been based from the game of “pick up stix” and has the watch hands a bit askew from the center in order to create that stunning effect.

Feb 222018

WeSTAND – A Stand With A Mission

But, what we are creating is a social mission and a story; a story about what we stand for. What do we stand for? Good design, creativity, busy minds...But most of all people.

Feb 222018


The product is very useful and already popular because it gives that first person experience to the viewers who watch your videos whenever you’re at a concert. sporting event, party, hiking etc.

Feb 222018


The pop-up sight allows for easy targeting so anyone can use it.The Bug-A-Salt will allow you to rid your house of various bugs and have fun doing it!