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A2 Pencil Sharpener

Feb 222018

Avalon Fully Electronic Pencil Sharpener

Featuring high end durable plastic and ultra strong titanium bonded blades, this sharpener won’t dull and will last you year after year.

Feb 222018

Vintage Camera Pencil Sharpener

Sharpening them can be a bit of a pain without a sharpener. We’ve tried knives and razors and other bladed instruments, but the sharpener is the only way to get a good enough point.

Feb 222018

Wing Nut Design Pencil Sharpener By SUCK UK

a workshop, or a pencil.The Wing Nut Pencil Sharpener - a pencil sharpener embedded in 250 years of industrial prowess!

Feb 222018

Sharpener Desk Tidy Deluxe

If you have too much stationery to fit in one giant pencil sharpener then we recommend our Deluxe Double Sharpener instead!

Feb 222018

Sharpener Desk Tidy – A Sharpener Like Pen Stand

The design will instantly take you back to those times when a sharpener was a must-have for your pencil box.

Feb 222018

Charles Pencil Case

The case is available in two colors of whiskey and black ink, both of which look charming as a handy pencil case for artists or school goers who are always in desperate need of creative pencils or pens