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A7 Camera Rigs

Feb 222018

Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

The Sony a7 III has a Touch Pad and Touch Focus function so you can easily drag the focus frame with just your fingertip while using the viewfinder.

Feb 222018

LOKI: The Ultra-Portable, Modular And Robust Camera Rig

Camera rigs should be easy to carry, easy to set-up and easy to use. That's why LOKI folds down small enough to be left attached to your camera while you find that perfect shot.

Feb 222018

Morgan Tan Leather Camera Strap By A7

Your camera will only look gorgeous and stay safe in your hands as you travel down exotic locations trying to grab the best scenes behind the reels.

Feb 222018

ZipShooter Camera Dolly System

These can support camera rigs up to 20 lbs at a time.

Feb 222018

The Sitara Wireless Remote Follow Focus

You'll find the Sitara WRFF ideal on: Drones, RC Copters or Helicams, Steadicams, Gimbals and other Stabilizers, Jibs and Cranes, Track and Dolly Shots, Sliders, Car Rigs.

Feb 222018

AuricSound A7 Vacuum Tube Amp Stereo Hybrid

This is all very impressive given that the A7 measures just 2.67 inches tall. The compact footprint suits even the smallest apartment.