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Ac Sixth Sense

Feb 222018

Park Right Dual Garage Laser Parking Sensor

It has been powered by a 110V AC adapter and is perfect for a two-car garage.

Feb 222018

Tado Smart AC Control

The Smart AC Control that uses your phone’s location to cut your energy bill. tado° automatically adjusts the AC based on your location: cool before you get home, saving when you're away.

Feb 222018

AirPatrol WiFi Smart Air Conditioner Controller

What are you waiting for - Start making your AC and home smarter today!

Feb 222018

Sense Personalized Home Intelligence By Silk Labs

Secure your connected home with Sense Personalized Home Intelligence by Silk Labs.

Feb 222018

AC Adaptor DVR – Hidden Camera In Disguise

This might look like a standard AC Adaptor but it’s actually a hidden camera in disguise. In order to operate it, you just need to get an SD card and plug it in any of your electrical AC outlets.