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Acce High

Feb 222018

High Definition Video Pen

This High Definition Video Pen from Hammacher is an ordinary ball-point pen, except for the fact that it has a built-in video camera that automatically captures what it sees as video or stills.

Feb 222018

Loop High Fidelity Earplugs

Protect your hearing in any surrounding with the Loop High Fidelity Earplugs. By wearing Loop, you can save your ears from damage yet still enjoy the music.

Feb 222018

KLOK High-Quality Contemporary Watches

Introducing the KLOK High-Quality Contemporary Watches. Finally, this collection of timepieces combines thoughtful and durable design with affordability.

Feb 222018

Teal High-Speed Drone

The Teal High-Speed Drone is here to scratch the itch with maximum speeds reaching over 70 miles per hour.

Feb 222018

Beefer High Performance Beef Grill

Grill a perfect piece of beef every time with the Beefer High Performance Beef Grill. This German-designed grill reaches 1500 degrees Fahrenheit to create optimal heat for grilling steaks.

Feb 222018

High-Resolution Music System

Experience the effortless convenience of sound with the Nativ High-Resolution Music System. This device is a central hub for all of your favorite tunes.