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Acronym Pals

Feb 222018

Melanites – Multicultural Action Dolls

Our "Action Pals" combine the emotional appeal of a doll and the articulation of an action figure. They stand 18 inches tall with 11 points of movement.

Feb 222018

ON Plug And Play Turntable By G. Pinto

An acronym for Old/New, this turntable is just 6.5 centimeters tall and can work with both analog and digital sources.

Feb 222018

FOBO Bike – Bluetooth Smart Tire Pressure Monitoring System

FOBO is an acronym that reads For Our Better World and this system will ensure you get to maintain optimum tire pressure for your vehicles and enjoy a better riding performance that way.

Feb 222018

The Spontaneous Pop-Up Display

Affectionately referred to as its acronym, SPUD is a 24-inch high-resolution screen that easily collapses for storage and transport and expands just like an umbrella.

Feb 222018

Samsung QLED Television

This acronym refers to Quantum Dot LEDs. Using their latest quantum dot technology, Samsung is transforming the TV world. There are two TVs in this range: the Q8 Curved and the Q9 Flat.