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Acton Ford Inc Acton Ma | Gadget Flow

Acton Ford Inc Acton Ma

Feb 222018

ACTON ACE Smart Camera Eyewear

Record all the best moments of your life with the ACTON ACE Smart Camera Eyewear.

Feb 222018

Advanced eBoards

ACTON, the leading designer and manufacturer of advanced, smart, light-weight, and innovative electric skateboards, electric skates and electric scooters, today announces its newest innovation, BLINK QU4TRO

Feb 222018

ACTON R10 RocketSkates – The World’s First Smart Electric Skates

You may have explored tons of roller skates till date but the ACTON R10 RocketSkates are indeed different.

Feb 222018

Book Scanner By IRIScan

The device completes the I.R.I.S. mobile scanner family, and comes with the cutting-edge OCR software Readiris Pro 12 compatible with By selecting IRIS Inc IRISCan Book 2 - we know you chose right, because

Feb 222018

USB Chargedoubler – Double Your Charging Speed!

This means that your device will regularly be charged with full current of 1 A (1.000 mA) instead of 0.5 A (500 mA). Save 50% of your time and charge twice as fast as with a standard usb cable!

Feb 222018

Clip-on Umbrella Solar Charger

The USB 3.0 cord is capable of carrying 900 mA max current, or more than enough to handle the 670 mA max current output of the solar panel.