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Bulls Eye Cigar Punch Blades

Feb 222018

69 Series-Cigar Punch

Probably the sexiest cigar punch ever made. With the help of this cigar punch you can drill either a 6 mm or a 9 mm hole at your cigar depending on which suits the size of your cigar better.

Feb 222018

Cigar Punch Cufflinks

Say for a wedding where you suddenly get you cigar that needs to be used then and there. With these cufflinks there, you wouldn’t have to worry in getting a hole at the back of your cigar.

Feb 222018

Corkcicle Cigar Holding Whiskey Glass

The Cigar Glass functions as a rocks glass as well as a spot to rest your cigar. On the side is an elegant notch in the glass.

Feb 222018

888 Series Large Titanium Cigar Tube

Even an 8.07” (205mm) cigar with ring 55 size (22mm) can enjoy the most optimal environment a fine cigar may get a CNC machined interior with an enclosed humidifier which ensures you will find your cigar

Feb 222018

Fanelli Cigar Rest And Bottle Opener

With a focus on unique design products, we have developed a fashionable cigar rest that seconds as a bottle opener.

Feb 222018

Hyperion – Titanium Cigar Tube

Houses one cigar and includes an integrated humidifier.