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Burlesque Eye Mask

Feb 222018

Dashbon Mask

Mask can also work as a standard pair of headphones, lasts for 4 hours on a single charge and easily recharges via micro USB connection.

Feb 222018

Aurai Water-Propelled Eye Massager

Aurai moves the water around the eye mask in a controlled and specific wave pattern and also introduces light vibrations as a further stimulant.

Feb 222018

Sondre Travel Voyage Compact Travel Pillow

In addition, the eye mask helps to block out the light around you. Or, you can use the eye mask portion around your neck to keep the pillow in the ideal spot.

Feb 222018

Forever Pillow

Fashioned after the never-ending Möbius strip, Forever Pillow can be twisted and used in endless resting options as a desk pillow, neck cushion, back support, eye mask, noise-canceling pillow, scarf, foot

Feb 222018

King Eye Mask Napping Pillow

The back support will cushion your neck whereas the front eye pillow will make sure the sunlight is blocked from your eyes and you get to take you nap in peace.

Feb 222018

2-in-1 Travel Pillow Set

Simply put the pillow behind your back or neck and put on the eye mask. Secure the wide strap around your head and the round elastic wraps around the headrest.