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Buy Airocide Air Purifier

Feb 222018

Airocide Advanced Air Purifier

You can choose to set the Airocide Air Purifier to a low and quiet setting, a highly efficient setting, or auto mode which uses brightness in the room to transition to a quieter mode at night.

Feb 222018

Coway Mighty Air Purifier

This purifier is smart, too. As the air gets cleaner and passes through the device, the air quality indicator can determine when the air has been effectively cleaned.

Feb 222018

LightAir Signature IonFlow 50 Gold Air Purifier

Using ten times less energy than others on the market, this air purifier is extremely energy efficient.

Feb 222018

Mi Air Purifier – The High Performance Smart Air Purifier

This modernized take on the air purifier is powered by an app which will also tell you when to swap filters, open your windows for fresh air, or to adjust the mode.

Feb 222018

IBen Personal USB Air Purifier/Fan

The Amazing Air Purifier comes with a 2.5 micron thick permanent electrostatic filter. To clean the filter, rinse with water then let it dry in a shaded area.

Feb 222018

Original Xiaomi Smart Mi Air Purifier

There is a real-time air quality monitor and auto speed control that can be controlled from your smartphone.