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Buy Hush Pod

Feb 222018

KFC Internet Escape Pod

Made in the USA, this special pod comes with a small army of people to install your Internet-free zone.

Feb 222018

Hush: The World’s First Smart Earplugs

Hush comes with a compact carrying case, so it’s there with you on the go. The case doubles as a charger, providing over 3 full charges without having to plug in.

Feb 222018

Paxis Pack Modular Backpack

Connecting to ARC swing technology, the shuttle pod is able to conveniently swing around to your front, granting you easy access to the top zipper to get your gear.

Feb 222018

Milestone Pod Running Tracker

Connecting to the free app, the Milestone Pod records your foot strike, cadence, stride length, leg swing, and rate of impact. In addition, it provides you with your pace, distance and more.

Feb 222018


ORA pod is a compact wireless charger. An innovative and elegant accessory for your mobile device that is designed to go everywhere you go.

Feb 222018

Pod Power

With three outlets distributed on a 9-foot extension cord, the Pod Power gives you the opportunity to share power with everyone around.