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Buy Sicherman Dice

Feb 222018

Boogie Dice – World’s First Self Rolling Gaming Dice!

Boogie Dice are the world’s first self-rolling, sound activated, programmable, gaming dice.

Feb 222018

Hollow Empty Metal Dice

In fact, they’re 85% lighter than previous dice available. Simple yet stunning, the Hollow Dice transform your board games with each roll.

Feb 222018

Inverse Metal Dice

balanced and random/fair dice.Inverse Dice in particular are machined in a unique way.

Feb 222018

DICE+ For Interactive Digital Board Games

DICE+ is what you get when Vegas meets Apple. No doubt you can have a great time in Vegas and blow a hole in your bank account while you’re at it.

Feb 222018

Mr. Pip’s Liar’s Bluffing Dice Cup Game

Pip’s Liar’s Bluffing Dice Cup Game. This little puzzler is much more than meets the eye. Each player has their chance to bluff and everyone else must decipher.

Feb 222018


AKO Dice (Another Kind Of Dice) are custom metal dice with a unique concept. ​AKO Dice utilizes a redesigned dice pip with custom engraved artwork on a 16 mm 6-sided dice.