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Polaroid Socialmatic Canada | Gadget Flow

Polaroid Socialmatic Canada

Feb 222018

Polaroid Socialmatic 14MP

Start by snapping your best shots with the 14-megapixel forward-facing and 2-megapixel user-facing cameras, and then instantly print physical photos or share them online via the Socialmatic PhotoNetwork

Feb 222018

Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera

Available in black, white, blue, and red and featuring the iconic Polaroid branding, this 10-megapixel camera allows you to capture and print photos in just seconds.

Feb 222018

Polaroid Macbook Decal

In fact the whole scene would be like a Polaroid print of the Apple logo. Both trendy and visually gorgeous, this is a decal that visualizes simplicity in a superb way.

Feb 222018

Instant Digital Camera From Polaroid

Start partying with Polaroid now.

Feb 222018

Instant Camera Sticky Notes

Enjoy your hours with the sticky notes but with an additional tinge of polaroid that’s going to make the process of scribbling notes even more entertaining.

Feb 222018

I-1 Smart Analog Instant Camera

The I-1 enables you to do something the original Polaroid never did: you can use special effects using the mobile app to superimpose images, paint, and design with lighting and color techniques, and apply

Feb 222018

Golf Trust-Tee

Patent Innovative Golf Tee that will reduce your HOOK or SLICE by up to 15 Yards made 100% in Canada, 10 years in development and flight scope tested.Just comment THEGADGETFLOW at the checkout and you

Feb 222018

Polaroid OneStep 2 I-Type Camera

And what's truly unique here is the fact that it's a Polaroid. There's nothing like the pleasure of having a real, striking image every time you shoot something awesome.

Feb 222018

Polaroid Pop Instant Camera

Polaroid Pop is a great take on the company's legacy of instant camera. As a matter of fact, this happens to be their release on the 80th Anniversary of Polaroid.

Feb 222018

Polaroid Land Camera Case For IPhone SE/5s

The protection part is obviously good, and let’s assume for a moment that you like the idea of making your sleek new iPhone occasionally look like an old Polaroid camera.

Feb 222018

Wobble Chess Set By Umbra

The Wobble chess set, designed by Adin Mumma, recieved an Award of Merit from HOW Magazine's 2008 International Design Award competition.Umbra, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, designs and manufactures

Feb 222018

Polaroid Cube With WiFi

With Wi-Fi, the 1.34 x 1.34 inch, cube-shaped action camera can connect with smartphones and tablets via the Polaroid Cube+ app for iOS and Android.

Feb 222018

Vintage Wooden Sunglasses

As a matter of fact, the Polaroid lenses make sure your eyes stay safe from the harsh sun rays as well. You can use these sunglasses wherever you go.

Feb 222018

Boonie Backpack By Boondocks – Hand-Stitched Buffalo Leather Bag

Your travels deserve the Boonie Backpack by Boondocks Leather Canada. The hand-stitched water buffalo leather bag comes in both small and large and three leather colors.

Feb 222018

POLAROLL Toilet Paper Holder

Your usual TP holder on hinges is covered up with what looks like a retro Polaroid camera.

Feb 222018

Instax SQ10 Hybrid Digital Camera

Finally, prints come out on 86x72mm Polaroid-style film where the images take up 62x62mm.

Feb 222018

Vintage Camera Pillows By In The Seam

These are soft, fluffy pillows that showcase three of the most wonderful cameras from the past - Kodak Brownie, Nikon F Camera and Polaroid OneStep.

Feb 222018

Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer

Your Polaroid ZIP mobile printer ships with 10 premium ZINK sheets; refills can be purchased right here on Amazon.com.

Feb 222018

Prynt Pocket Instant Camera Smartphone Device

With Prynt Pocket, you can turn your smartphone into a Polaroid camera by instantly plugging and printing.

Feb 222018

Key Armory Sword Shaped Keys

Each design is available in both Kwikset KW1 and Schlage SC1 keyways, which make up 95% of locks throughout the United States and Canada.

Feb 222018

Waterloop – The Canadian SpaceX Hyperloop Competition Team

Your support will help Canada's only SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition I team, Waterloop, build a functional prototype Hyperloop vehicle for the final round of the international competition!

Feb 222018

CMS 50-DL Pulse Oximeter

Oh, and it’s approved for use by the FDA as well as Health Canada.  

Feb 222018

Couch Arm Wrap

Handcrafted by Blisscraft & Brazen in Quebec, Canada, the wrap generates a perfect surface of wood for balancing whatever you place on top of it, be it a glass of water or even your tablet.

Feb 222018

Sesame – Your Key, Reinvented

Fits all deadbolts: Sesame works with just about any deadbolt in the USA / Canada / Australia thanks to five-patented self-adjusting mechanisms.Long battery life: Sesame lasts about 500 days on lithium

Feb 222018

Frame Building System

Featuring black and white options, Magnaframe packs include Polaroid Originals, 4x4 Classic Square, and Fuji Instax Mini. All packs come with six picture frames for the respective print version.

Feb 222018

Canby Shades: Sunglasses Made Of Broken Skateboard Deck

Every pair is handcrafted in Canada, making no two the exact same. Limited numbers available in each style/color. 

Feb 222018

Mojio – Turn Your Vehicle Into An Internet Connected Car

Mojio works in Canada and the US. Treating your car the right way starts with knowing more about it.

Feb 222018

Sportes Swedish Fire Log Grill

Made in Canada, this system is compatible with quartered logs. It includes a grill plate as well as four stabilizing rods.

Feb 222018

TheMiK – Smartphone Stand – EDC Bottle Opener

Carbon fiber, no moving parts, 100% made in Canada with CNC precision.

Feb 222018

Metal Spinning Tops

With the highest standards in terms of quality and craftsmanship, all tops are manufactured in Canada, have a Serial Number and are Designed to last forever.

Feb 222018

Eve Kit – Prevention Made Easy

The collection device is Health Canada approved, and CE marked while the team works with an accredited lab to deliver accurate results. 

Feb 222018


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