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Nov 302018

ModernTie Modular Magnetic Necktie

This modern tie makes it easy to transform your style in no time.

Nov 272018

Snoppa Atom 3-Axis Foldable Smartphone Gimbal

It easily fits in your pocket thanks to its foldable design so you can capture smooth footage anytime.

Jul 162018

Soundots Ai-2 Modular Sound System

Cater your audio to all of your needs with the Soundots Ai-2 Modular Sound System. Complete with a magnetic locking system and powerful artificial intelligence among other impressive technologies, the beauty of the Ai-2 speakers is in the user-friendly simplicity...

Aug 052018

LaunderPal Smart Laundry Basket

Tackle your everyday laundry with ease when you have the LaunderPal Smart Laundry Basket. This intelligent basket uses washable RFID tags and a corresponding mobile app to identify your clothes. Featuring a back-end server, the LaunderPal can determine which clothes..

Aug 092018

Travis Touch Pocket Translator

Use the power of artificial intelligence and enjoy voice translation on the go with the Travis Touch Pocket Translator. This smart translator comes with an intelligent touchscreen and can translate more than 100 languages. Be it for work or a..

Jul 302018

Carbage Can Premium Car Trash Can

Keep your car neat and tidy with the Carbage Can Premium Car Trash Can. Featuring a new and improved design from its predecessor, this car accessory offers compression bag storage. Made from recycled plastic, the Carbage Can attaches to your..