10 Car accessories to improve your road trip

Going on a road trip is an iconic summer staple. You can roll the windows down and feel the wind in your hair, explore like never before, and totally cater your trip to anything and everything you want to see.

10 Car accessories to improve your road trip
Must-have road trip gadgets
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Are you choosing to hit the open road instead of the skies? Traveling by car is a fantastic option. Not only do you get to arrive at your destination in your own time, but you also get to see parts of the world you wouldn’t if you had flown.

And, every part of the journey adds a bit of fun. From creating a road trip playlist to planning all your stops, it’s a fun way to travel. To make sure you’re prepared for anything and everything, be sure to have all these must-have car accessories. 

BackShield Seated Spinal Support

Road trips are inherently long; otherwise, it wouldn’t be a trip at all. To help you maintain your posture and arrive without aches and pains, use the BackShield. Thanks to the innovative design, this backrest provides total support. In fact, it maintains the natural curvature of your spine. Plus, it’s outfitted with vents to keep you from overheating on your journey.

SNAPBAG Driver-Friendly Car Waste Bin

On a road trip, trash can quickly pile up. From meals to tissues and everything in between, things can go from tidy to gross in just a few minutes. With SNAPBAG, you get leak-proof, odor-sealing trash storage for all your grimy stuff. There’s even a magnetic closure on the top to keep your trash from stinking up the car. Placed behind the passenger’s seat, SNAPBAG offers intuitive access to the driver so you can keep your eyes on the road.

Garmin Overlander Off-Road GPS

Road trips are a great time to map out sights you’ve never seen before. Even if you’re headed somewhere familiar, the stops you make on the way there will truly make the trip. To help you navigate, use the Garmin Overlander. This impressive GPS doesn’t just guide you to typical journeys. It also works on off-road paths. It has topographical maps and off-the-grid points of interest so you can safely navigate to where few others dare to go.

MAXSA Escaper Buddy Vehicle Traction Mats

If you’re headed off-road, make sure your vehicle can handle it. We recommend the MAXSA Escaper Buddy Mats. Coming in a set of two, these mats give your wheels traction where there isn’t any. Simply slide them under the front of your wheels anywhere you’re stuck. The incredible grip allows your tires to gain tractions. From snow to ice to mud to sand, these mats will get you to safety.

Kupper Mounts Next Generation Bike Rack

When you get to your destination or even a pit stop on the way, you might want to trade in four wheels for two. The Kupper Mounts let you easily and effortlessly mount your bike to your vehicle. Thanks to the suction cup design, you can mount your bike wherever is most secure, be that on the roof on or the trunk. Installing in just two minutes, the Kupper Mounts can hold up to rain, heat, and snow like a champ.

McLean Metalworks Self-Contained Hammock Mount

Fancy a bit of a break mid-journey? Do it in the McLean Metalworks Hammock Mount. This mount attaches to your trailer hitch, letting you set up your hammock anywhere you are. It’s perfect for pulling off to the side of the road when you encounter a beautiful vista. Even better, when it’s not in use, the mount safely and securely folds away, keeping its footprint compact and small.

Fiora Ultimate Wireless Car Charger

No matter the length of your journey, you’re going to need to keep your phone charged. The Fiora Car Charger gets the job done with an intuitive, easy-to-use design. In fact, it’s a three-in-one device: not only does it securely hold your phone, but it also incorporates a video dashcam and fast wireless charging. Simply drop your phone into place and let it get to work.

Garmin Speak Plus Alexa Dashboard Camera

The last thing you want to do is be distracted while you drive. That’s exactly where the Garmin Speak Plus comes in. With full access to Alexa, you can use just your voice to access your music, control smart devices, and more. Plus, you can get turn-by-turn directions to your destination. Along with all this, the Garmin Speak Plus includes a built-in camera to record your entire drive. In the event of an accident, it instantly saves the footage.

Camperbox Car Travel Kit

Sometimes, your travel goals will be just a little too lofty. If you find yourself needing a break after too much driving, make sure you have the CamperBox on you. Rather than try to make it to another rest stop before falling asleep, this car travel kit is a modular platform that transforms your backseat into a bed. When fully set up, it leaves plenty of storage space underneath for your bags and gear. On top, you have a full platform to stretch out; you could probably even fit an inflatable mattress on top.

CLEMT DM1 Premium Perfume Diffuser

With a road trip, the possibilities are endless. One thing will be for sure, though: your car might start to get a bit smelly. With all that time in a small cramped space, liven thing up with the CLEMT DM1. This premium diffuser is superbly compact and is complete with a sleek exterior. It slowly releases a scent to battle whatever funky fast food smell you’ve got going on. Because it slowly emits the scent, it’ll last your entire trip.

Which one of these would you prefer taking on your road trip? Share with us in the comments below.

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