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Wearable Tech

Make travel more comfortable with BauBax pants

What are the best materials for wearing in hot weather? Light cotton offers good breathability, while bamboo helps to reduce odor and wick away moisture. Do clothes protect your skin from the sun? Most do, although the level of protection..

Product Roundups

8 Cold brew coffee makers to keep you cool this summer

What are the main benefits of cold brew coffee? From helping you lose weight to making you smarter, cold brew coffee can do a lot more than you can imagine. What are some smart coffee makers to jumpstart your day?..

Daily Digest

10 Eco-friendly products to make your life as green as possible

Which smart gardens are easy to use? These incredible smart devices help you grow fresh herbs, clean your air, and promote a calming environment all indoors. How can you reduce water usage in a smarter way? Rather than turning the..

Daily Digest

9 Pool day accessories to make the most of the summer sun

What makes for a great summer? Along with time by the pool, summers are all about barbecues! I can’t deal with the summer heat – what are the best air conditioners? We’ve got a whole blog on air conditioners just..

Featured Posts

11 Powerful hi-tech routers for seamless connectivity

Is it worth upgrading my router? Quite possibly. A more powerful router may help you get a stronger signal. What is a Wi-Fi standard? It’s a particular version of Wi-Fi. All standards begin with 802.11, with two lower-case letters on..

Product Roundups

The best e-boards for a fun commute

What is an e-board exactly? It’s any personal vehicle that looks like a skateboard or longboard and has electric power for propulsion. What kind of range can you get on an e-board? Many electric boards can now achieve upwards of..

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