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Product Stories

TubShroom can save you from hairmageddon in the bath

According to industry reports, price is the most important consideration when we look for bathroom accessories. What we’re looking for is gadgets that provide an affordable upgrade. Check out these DIY decor ideas for some inspiration. TubShroom is another inexpensive... Continue Reading

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Tech products every dog owner should have

United Airlines is in hot water with their handling of dogs. Earlier this week, a woman’s dog passed away after a flight attendant made her put her dog in an overhead compartment. Then, a day later, the airline sent a... Continue Reading

Daily Digest

Do sci-fi movies offer a glimpse of the future?

At one time, human-like robots were nothing more than science fiction. In 2018, they are entering the uncanny valley. History has proven that sci-fi stories predict certain future technologies — here are just a few examples. But some people argue... Continue Reading

Product Stories

Checketry is the download manager you’ve been waiting for

Internet users are downloading more than ever, particularly when it comes to games. One major studio racked up 2.5 million downloads per day this year. The problem is, many modern games are enormous. Even on a fast connection, it takes... Continue Reading

Product Stories

Enjoy better skincare when you shower with Skin Majestic

Chlorinated water might be free of disease, but that doesn’t mean it’s healthy for your skin or hair. Here are some top tips for protecting your body after swimming. Many people suffer the same problems when showering at home. Thankfully,... Continue Reading

Product Stories

Forget laser tag – Glow Battle is the new game in town

Lightsabers make everything better. A new PSVR game called Beat Saber uses virtual lightsabers as musical instruments. Kids particularly love things that glow. Long Island, New York is home to loads of after-dark activities. Glow Battle brings the two ideas... Continue Reading

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