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Daily Digest

8 EDC products we can’t live without from our favorite tech accessory brands

What is everyday carry? This collection of gear is all about simplifying and easing what and how you carry everything you need. Everyone’s EDC is different and includes anything from wallets to watches to power banks and everything in between...

Product Roundups

Ready player one? Here’s a look at the future of gaming

Which VR headset is best? We created a buyer’s guide specifically to answer that question. You can check it out here. What is Google Stadia? It’s a brand new cloud gaming platform from Google, which allows you to stream games..

Product Stories

HP’s Tech Tote is the most stylish way to carry your laptop

What is the most stylish technology in 2019? Take a look at our blog post about technology in the fashion industry. Can technology help me dress better? Yes. The Amazon Echo Look camera provides fashion tips from top experts. What..

Daily Digest

8 Smart gadgets to help you reduce your water use

How many people don’t have access to water? According to the UN, 2.1 billion people don’t have safe water at home while 4 billion people “experience severe water scarcity during at least one month of the year.” How can I..

Product Roundups

8 Smart doorbells to keep an eye on who’s at your door

How can you keep your smart home online when you lose power? When you rely on technology for heating and security, losing power can be a real problem. Here’s how you can keep your smart home online when the grid lets..

Hands on Review

The Kiwano KO1+ is the electric scooter of all of our dreams

How can I cut down on my commute time? With an electric scooter, you can zip around traffic and congestion. When was the first motorized scooter invented? “Sport” was the name of the first scooter from Go-Ped in 1985. We’ve..

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