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Love golf? You need to try the new Phigolf simulator

What is WGT (World Golf Tour)? It’s a multiplayer online golf game that allows you to play on legendary real-world courses. How do you play virtual golf? You can play on mobile and desktop devices using touch and click controls,..

Featured Posts

7 Smart gadgets to help you survive the holidays with your family

Is there a blanket that fits the whole family? The incredible Big Blanket Co large blanket is 10 feet wide and 10 feet tall, making it comfortable to cover everyone. What are some of the best health gadgets for the family?..

Green Tech

Kombine is a water bottle with secure storage on the side

What is the easiest way to be eco-friendly? Simply ditching plastic bottles for a reusable one can make a huge difference. See our collection of green gadgets for more ideas. What are the advantages of reusable bottles? Aside from eco-friendliness,..

Product Roundups

10 Gadgets to make your morning jogs just a little more motivating

When did running become popular? Believe it or not, it’s a more recent phenomenon. Running really took off in the 1970s. What’s the best way to improve running? If you’re looking for ways to increase your distance, there are plenty..

Daily Digest

9 Planners to help you reach your goals in the new year

What’s the most common new year’s goal? It’s no surprise: being healthier and saving money take the top spots for the most common new year’s resolutions. Are there any tips for reaching goals? Experts say sticking to your plan by..

Smart Living

Buyer’s guide: the state of smart lights in Q4 2018

Do smart lights work with regular sockets? Yes, virtually all of them do. It’s the tech inside the bulb that changes. Do you need to change your switches to use smart lights? Not necessarily. Many brands rely on apps or..

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