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Product Stories

Smart workout equipment you need to try

When is the best time to exercise? There isn’t a magic time. There’s some evidence to suggest that morning workouts help you burn fat, but exercising before bed can help you sleep better. Can technology replace my personal trainer? Not... Continue Reading

Daily Digest

6 Travel gadgets you’re going to want for your next long haul flight

What are the must-have gadgets for vacations? Although vacations make our lives happier, going without the correct accessories can make it worse. Here are the 17 travel gadgets that can actually make your next vacation the best ever. Do headphones... Continue Reading

Daily Digest

7 Home decor gadgets that combine form and function

How can you upgrade your home for under $500? Treating yourself doesn’t have to mean increasing your line of credit. There are plenty of products that upgrade your home at wallet-friendly prices. What are the some of best futuristic home... Continue Reading

Product Roundups

8 Smart speakers that bring Alexa to life

What is Amazon Alexa really good for? Summoning knowledge from a smart speaker is nothing short of futuristic. But, Amazon Alexa is so much more than an information relay system. Here’s why. Which smart assistant is better: Alexa or Google?... Continue Reading

Product Stories

Mockas are matching loafers that run in the family

What are the best handmade tech products? Check out our collection of unique handmade wonders! What’s the difference between loafers and moccasins? Moccasins have laces, loafers don’t. In addition, they are generally made from different materials. Where can I buy... Continue Reading

Wearable Tech

Want to be eco-friendly? You need to see Poseidon watches

What are the best eco-friendly gadgets? Have a browse through our collection of great green products. Is recycled plastic good for the environment? Yes. It takes plastic out of the environment, and it’s better than burning. What are the best... Continue Reading

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