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Smart Living

Would you pay $16,000 for a robot to do your laundry?

60% of our laundry is synthetic fabrics which can really stink. Luckily, HEX Performance is coming up with a solution for our activewear. Be grateful you don’t have 63,000 lbs. of laundry on fire. The Samsung QuickDrive washing machine works... Continue Reading

Featured Posts

What Will the Future of Gaming Look Like?

New hardware announced at CES 2018 offers better controls, improved graphics and upgraded Wi-Fi for PC gamers. Players are also looking to retro games for accessible fun. Industry experts believe that the market for augmented reality gaming will grow to... Continue Reading

Tech News

Are robots taking over the world?

There’s a lot of concern over robots taking our jobs in the future. But, it’s for good reason. They’re punctual, nearly perfect, and never tired. It’s no doubt that robots are smart. But this robot helps you maintain others so... Continue Reading

Tech News

Do you really need to spend $6000 on a smart toilet?

With some of us spending more time in the bathroom than exercising, it’s not surprising we’re upgrading the technology in the loo. Kohler debuted its super smart $6,000 toilet. But, they also offer (slightly) cheaper options as well – the... Continue Reading

Featured Posts

Are streaming services killing cable TV?

Facebook Watch isn’t the latest wearable on the market. It’s actually the social media giant’s hat in the ring for streaming services. Despite its drop off in success, they’re offering exclusive titles right in your browser. Too much of a... Continue Reading

Featured Posts

Smart TVs – What’s all the hype about?

Will smart speakers and TVs be the most popular gadgets of the year? According to statistics, one in six Americans owns a smart speaker. However, we cannot ignore the fact that with so much AI, our privacy might be at... Continue Reading

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