14 Incredibly useful gadgets that make every day easier

Lugging your stuff around. Spilled drinks. Dead smartphone batteries. Mosquitos. There’s a lot of annoyances we encounter each and every day. Small or large, they all add up and can easily ruin anyone’s day.

14 Incredibly useful gadgets that make every day easier
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How does that saying go – “don’t sweat the small stuff”? While this is easy to say and certainly great words to live by, it’s the small stuff that can add up pretty quickly to make or break a day. When things just don’t right, it takes its toll.

These incredibly useful gadgets are all designed to help with all those measly yet annoying moments throughout the day so you can focus on sweating the big stuff.

Dreamfarm Garject Garlic Press Scrape Eject

Let’s all admit it: garlic is tasty but is the worst part of meal prepping. From the mess to the smells, it stinks. Enter Garject. The Dreamfarm team developed this garlic-ejecting device that totally scrapes itself clean and even ejects the peel. You can go from Garject to recipe without even having to touch the stuff.

Funnel Sweeper Dustpan from MENU

Ever sweep up a big mess only to have it spill everywhere as you walk the dustpan to the garbage? Never deal with that again The Funnel Sweeper combines a dustpan with a funnel handle. Just use the included brush to sweep up and tilt the dustpan back to pour it into the garbage.

14 Incredibly useful gadgets that make every day easier

Sweep, funnel, and you’re done

CouchCoaster Couch Cup Holder

When it’s time to kick back and relax, make sure you have the CouchCoaster on your sofa. Straddling the arm of your couch, the CouchCoaster provides a stable spot for any beverage so it’ll never spill. Working with bottles and cans and glasses and even mugs, there’s a slot for mug handles as well as interchangeable sizing rings.

Grocery Gripps Carrier Straps

Be the hero and take all your groceries inside in one trip without the pain. The Grocery Gripps are carrier straps that combine all your bags into one easy-to-lug system. The strong straps are versatile so you can hang them over the shoulder or wrap them around your wrist for better grip.

Joli Visor Universal Rain Helmet Visor

If you commute via bike, motorcycle, scooter, or any other personal vehicle, hearing rain in the forecast can ruin your day before you even get to work. The Joli Visor is here to help. Attaching directly to any helmet, it’s complete with a totally clear front so you can see everything around you without getting rain in your eyes.

Slice Everyday Safety Cutter

Whether you clip coupons, open a lot of stuff, or simply need to break down packaging, Slice makes it easier than ever. Complete with a safety design, it effortlessly glides over surfaces, slicing and dicing as it goes. It cuts right through paper, plastic, and more, all without the risk of getting cut.

UpCart City Compact Stair Climbing Cart

For those with a heavy load, the UpCart Stair Climbing Cart is just for you. It can handle standard shapes like boxes as well as more unique items such as your laundry or even gardening supplies. Thanks to the tri-wheel design, this incredible cart can scale staircases with ease, saving your back.

NoSweat Disposable Sweat Absorbing Hat Liner

Nothing destroys a great hat like a bit of sweat. You know what we mean – that gross yellowish brown stain across the front. The NoSweat Hat Liner is a disposable solution that absorbs your sweat to keep your hat looking its best for longer. Simply pop in a fresh one every time you wear your hat.

Kitchen SinkShroom and Ultra TubShroom Drain Protection Products

Oh, the dreaded clogged drain! Few things are as gross as reaching into and pulling out whatever is causing the clog. Better let the SinkShroom and TubShroom do the heavy lifting for you. Installing instantly, it catches everything from hair and objects while also preventing soap and mildew buildup. Simply remove to clean and your drain is as good as ever.

Nopixgo Mosquito Protection Wristband

Ditch the chemicals and multiple applications – combat annoying mosquitos with the Nopixgo wristband. It simulates natural electromagnetic waves and fields, just like the atmospheric discharges during a thunderstorm. Mosquitoes perceive those signals as a threat and hide instead of biting. Sayonara, mosquitos!

SpoonBuddy Multi-Use Kitchen Gadget

Dirty spoon leave a mess on the counter? Pot lid too hot to handle? Can’t open a jar? No lid for your pan? The SpoonBuddy literally solves all of these problems with its impressive design. In fact, it even doubles as a serving bowl if you run out of dishes.

Würkin Stiffs Power Stays Magnetic Collar Stays

The difference between sloppy and well put together is all about the finishing touches. The Würkin Stiffs collar stays instantly prop your collar back into place. Plus, thanks to strong magnets, you won’t have to worry that they’ll ever slide out.

iRoller Liquid-Free Touchscreen Display Cleaner

Our devices get so dirty so quickly. From greasy fingerprints to dust and, probably, crumbs, it’s a little offputting. The iRoller is a liquid-free screen cleaner that rids your device of all the gunk. With a few simple wipes, your device will look as good as new.

KICKCHARGE Pre-Charged Emergency Smartphone Charger

As far as all the first world problems on this list, a dead smartphone battery might be the absolute worst, especially in case of emergency (read: on your long train ride home). The KICKCHARGE is a compact emergency charger that gives your device just the right amount of juice to see you through.

Do these clever gadgets help you with any of your daily annoyances? Let us know in the comments!

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