Best car gadgets you can buy now

Want to enhance your driving experience? Then you'll want to trick out your wheels with the right gadgets. So today, we're rounding up some of the best car gadgets you can buy now. Because no one likes waiting. Keep reading this blog post to see some of our favorite ways to improve your experience on the road.

Best car gadgets you can buy now
Best car gadgets to buy in 2021

Your car is the most useful gadget you own. Not only does it take you from point A to point B, but it also lets you see all the fun things in between. From cross-country road trips with friends to your favorite restaurant in town, your car helps you visit the new as well as the familiar. So you should make it a comfortable, updated place to be. That’s why today we’re highlighting some of the best car gadgets you can buy now. These products are the latest ways to keep yourself organized, safe, and having fun on the road. And the best part is that they’re all available now.

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Today’s digest has some of the most useful car gadgets out there. From a jumper cable that’s also a charger and a vacuum cleaner to a radar-detecting dashcam, the gadgets on this list are sure to enhance your ride.

Inflate-R Wireless Air Pump

Got a flat tire? Inflate it in under eight minutes and be on your way with the Inflate-R Wireless Air Pump. It delivers 150 PSI of air and can even inflate mountain bike and motorbike tires. With its small form factor, it fits easily into your glove compartment or backpack. A built-in flashlight lets you see in the dark.

Inflate-R wireless air pump in a video

NOCO GENIUS1 Smart Vehicle Charger

The NOCO GENIUS1 Smart Vehicle Charger is one of the best car gadgets you can buy now because it’s so much more than just a battery charger. It’s also a maintainer and desulfator and can work as a trickle charger. You can use it to charge lead-acid vehicle batteries, deep cycle batteries, lithium-ion batteries, flooded batteries, and more.

DentGoalie Car Door Protector

Tired of finding dents and scratches on your car doors after a stint in the parking lot? Protect them with the DentGoalie Car Door Protector. This useful gadget features high-density, impact-resistant foam panels that keep your car door safe while it’s parked. It works on pretty much any type of vehicle and is handmade in the US.

izzy Smart Car Organizer

Yes, you can be the most organized person on the road with the izzy Smart Car Organizer. This helpful bag attaches and detaches easily to your passenger seat and gives you a convenient place to put your essentials. It has compartments for snacks, drinks, pens, loose change, and even your tablet and key fobs.

CARhandGEL Vehicle Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Honestly, one of the best car gadgets you can buy now is a built-for-cars hand sanitizer dispenser. And might we suggest the CARhandGEL Vehicle Hand Sanitizer Dispenser? It has a sleek black design that blends into your car seamlessly. And it fits inside any cupholder on the market. Even cooler, you can have it customized with the graphic of your choice.

JUMPI 3-in-1 Jumpstarter

If you like gadgets that have multiple uses, you’ll love the JUMPI 3-in-1 Jumpstarter. This cool jumpstarter combines a jumpstarter, charger, and vacuum in one sleek device. It’s just the gadget you want to have in your car if you break down and don’t have much juice left on your phone. And the cordless vacuum cleaner is a super-helpful feature for picking up crumbs and debris.

Belkin MagSafe Car Vent Mount PRO for iPhone 12

The Belkin MagSafe Car Vent Mount PRO for iPhone 12 made our list of the best car gadgets you can buy now because it’s the ideal way to drive with your iPhone 12. Just snap it onto this magnetic mount, and it’ll stay secure while you drive. You can rotate it to view your phone in portrait or landscape mode, and the cable management system makes charging easy.

Belkin MagSafe Car Vent Mount PRO for iPhone 12
Belkin MagSafe Car Vent Mount PRO for iPhone 12 in a car vent

BumpShox XL License Plate Protector

Keep your car looking good, right down to its license plate, with the BumpShox XL License Plate Protector. This license plate frame won’t rust or crack like those plastic and metal ones. That’s because it uses all-weather foam from V-Tech. And the recessed screw design ensures no screws stick out and potentially damage another car’s bumper.

Cobra Road Scout Radar-Detecting Dash Cam

The Cobra Road Scout Radar-Detecting Dash Cam keeps you informed about the road ahead, which is why it’s on our list of the best car gadgets you can buy now. It’s both a radar detector and a dash camera. So not only does it let you know about speed cameras, but it also records what goes on in front of it. It even detects impacts.

Cobra Road Scout Radar-Detecting Dash Cam in a video

Garmin Tread Powersport Off-Road GPS

Like to go off-roading on the weekends? The Garmin Tread Powersport Off-Road GPS lets you keep in touch with your group. This navigator provides group ride radio and tracking for up to 20 riders. And the multi-use radio system (MURS) lets you talk to your fellow riders and see them on the map display.

We hope you love the car gadgets on this list. As you can see, there are so many cool gadgets out there that can help you get more out of your ride. Did you have any favorites? Let us know in the comment section.

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