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As a household name since the 1940s, Fender does much more than guitars. For the audiophile, they also produce pedals, audio systems, and sleek yet styles accessories.

Products we love from Fender

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Jul 202017

Fender Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Bring your love for music full circle with the Fender Portable Bluetooth Speakers. Available in two styles, these powerful systems look just like Fender amps. However, they’ll suit your life in a whole new way. The Fender Speakers include the..

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Jul 092016

Fender FXA6 Pro In-Ear Monitor Headphones

Introducing the Fender FXA6 Pro In-Ear Monitor Headphones, the one set that will bring a whole new life to your favorite music. Complete with a low profile and a slimline style, the FXA6 Pro Monitor Headphones are equipped with the..