BBRAVER Wheelchair Handrim – Gravity Never Sleeps

$500 USD
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The bbraver handrim’s exclusive ergonomic profile ensures a perfect hold, providing more push force and lasting comfort. This campaign will help bbraver to commercialise a new version of handrim, a synthetic rubber non-slip coating giving more power to the wheelchair users, a longer durability and a great look to the wheelchair. The goal is to offer a complete range of handrims, giving a better way to roll with people’s unique disability. The handrim is now available in one width, 19 mm in sizes 24″-25″-26″. The 24 mm width will be release in October and 28 mm width is under development. The BBRAVER handrim fits on major wheel brand in the industry, like Spinergy, Round Betty, Golz, Sun, Newton. The handrim features three spacing options relative to the wheel. The mounting brackets for the handrim come in two sizes. The handrim is easy to install and uninstall using the mounting hardware provided. The material used for the handrim’s coating is ideally suited for prolonged use. It significantly reduces the risk of injury to the palm of the hand and inner wrist, which are in constant contact with the handrim when propelling the chair forward or back.

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