BoardUp – The World’s First Self-Folding Longboard

$169 USD
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BoardUp is one of the world’s first patented self-folding longboard, requiring no hands to fold. It’s easy to fit in your backpack or locker, by your desk, and in an airplane compartment. Now, you can longboard anywhere in the world with ease. When it comes to riding, keeping that familiar feel was important to them. BoardUp inspires those feelings with the same grip and smooth roll, but with the added ability to fold for traveling. Say goodbye to needing to get extra straps to secure your longboard to a backpack or let it stick awkwardly out of your backpack. For the thrill of adventure, BoardUp fits within any standard backpack for on-the-go fun! The handle is ergonomically made to ensure your fingers will not easily get pinched when you’re holding it or unfolding it. Since aluminum alloy is used for the hinge and the latch which locks the hinge, there is no need to worry about it folding when cruising the streets. BoardUp has you protected from start to finish.

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