CEAM – Water-Repellent Oxford Shirt Collection w/100% Cotton

$80 USD
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CEAM brings the latest nanotechnology to fashion. CEAM is a brand for anyone of any gender who loves “simplicity and innovation.” This collection is made with an invisible microscopic layer that encapsulates cotton fibers and forms a protective coating that repels liquids, maintaining the softness one loves about cotton. Their partner, Dropel, makes clothing life proof. Their performance-enhanced natural fabrics are used in all of their garments. They have chosen DropelTech Cotton because it’s the only water and stain repellent fabric that maintains it’s softness and breathability. The effect will last through 15-20 washes. The less you wash the clothing, the longer the effect will last. While the hydrophobic nanotechnology will repel water-based liquids, it’s still susceptible to dirt and oil-based stains. Hot liquids may also result in increased staining.

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