Ceramic Coffee Mug With Inspirational Quote

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This Ceramic Coffee Mug with an inspirational quote printed on it is brought to you by Startup Vitamins. It’s a sleek and stylish mug in a black matte finish, with white and red printing that says “Life is short. Do stuff that matters.” The heavy dose of inspiration along with your morning cup of Joe is a quote attributed to Siqi Chen, CEO of HereLabs. If you’re feeling sleepy and feel like dozing off on your desk, take one more coffee break and get some of that caffeine and Siqi Chen’s wisdom to help shake off the lethargy. If that’s not enough, Startup Vitamins also offers this and other such inspirational quotes as wall posters. Slap it on your cubicle or on the wall above, and you’ll always have motivation to stop snoozing and goofing off at work.

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