Valence Plus Chemistry Card Game

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Make learning fun and exciting with Valence Plus Chemistry Card Game by Science Ninjas. Easy to learn and play, this game has simple rules to turn you into a total smarty pants. Players draw element cards with different valence numbers and add them up to zero to make molecules. Make enough molecules and you win the game! But, some molecules react with others so you can use acid attacks to break down opponents’ bases into less valuable salt and water molecules. The game has a great visual appeal with super cool “Science Ninjas” on every card to entice players intimidated by a chemistry game. Designed by two PhDs and a NYTimes best-selling cartoonist, Valence Plus is fun and interactive. The more you play, the more you learn about chemistry – studies show players don’t just learn, they retain the knowledge. Kids of all ages will love it. Be a chemistry ninja!

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