Philips GoPure Compact Car Air Purifier

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Breathe cleaner air while you drive and banish cigarette smoke odor with the Philips GoPure Compact Car Air Purifier. This high-power machine removes 99 percent of bacteria, dust, pollen, and other particles from the air inside your car. It can also capture pet hair and scrub away the smell of nicotine. In fact, the GoPure is three times more effective at removing smoke residue than ionizers. While the air purifier does its job, it also monitors the air quality inside your car. The device gives you a color-coded reading, with blue being excellent and red being poor. You can place the GoPure in several locations within your car, thanks to the supplied mounting system. In addition, you get a 13-foot 12V power cable. If you suffer from allergies or just hate the smell of your best friend’s smoking habit, this little device is an essential purchase.

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