Veego Ergonomic Laptop Stand

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Maintain better posture while using your computer with the Veego Ergonomic Laptop Stand. Veego Stand is an attachable laptop stand that you can easily take with you on the go. Featuring an innovative microsuction pad, Veego Stand stays attached to your laptop using thousands of microsuction cups. In fact, Veego Stand only takes a couple of seconds to set up. Since it folds flat and stays in place, you can leave it on your laptop in a case or bag. Likewise, Veego Stand is less than 4 millimeters thick and only weighs 83 grams. Also, its composite material makes it extremely durable. Your laptop also receives better ventilation when you use the stand. Additionally, removing Veego Stand is easy. Just lift it from the side, and it comes off without leaving any sticky residue.

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