NeuroPlus Focus-Improving Headset

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Tap into your brain and boost your attention with the NeuroPlus Focus-Improving Headset. Comfortably resting on your head, this clever device has built-in sensors to monitor your brainwaves. It brings neurofeedback training out of a clinic to wherever you live, work, and play. It works by measuring brain activity (EEG) and muscle tension (EMG). The NeuroPlus headset sends real-time feedback into training video games via Bluetooth to help you practice and improve your focus and self-control. But it’s not all about science – it’s fun, too! The games have you flying dragons, racing hoverbikes, and sailing ships, all with the power of your mind. Great for all ages, the NeuroPlus headset can help you unlock success with better focus and more control.

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