Frankfurter Brett BASIC – 100% GROSSARTIG

$129 USD
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The Frankfurter Brett offers a new way of cooking and is so much more than a normal cutting board. One of the coolest features is that it can hold your cookbook or even your iPad while you prep and cook your meals. It’s the perfect workbench for small kitchens. Functioning as a hub for your kitchen, the Frankfurter Brett provides the structure you need for a smooth, intuitive workflow and eliminates most of the negative effort of cooking. It’s also ideal because it gives you a closer look at what you are doing while cooking. The standard depth of kitchen worktops is 60cm so even with very large cookbooks your Frankfurter Brett should fit in with ease. The 2mm gap between container and board also allows juices to be effortlessly wiped off. The included containers can be used to store leftovers or for preparing food for the next day. The Frankfurter Brett is a complete set to make your kitchen life easy and hassle-free.

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