SWIPE Gesture-Controlled Home Tablet

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Control your entire home with your hands with the SWIPE Gesture-Controlled Home Tablet. Syncing up with your smart home devices, the SWIPE Tablet uses Z-Wave for a seamless connection. This smart tablet can detect and interpret a variety of hand gestures. For example, a simple swipe to the right turns off the lights. Or, you can draw a circle to automate your blinds. In addition to simple gestures, the SWIPE Tablet can also detect and act on more complex gestures. You can actually combine them for another level of control. With the tablet, you can program up to six different gestures. Placing the tablet anywhere that’s convenient, the tablet is powered by either batteries or a VDC cable. Coming in black or white, the SWIPE Tablet can also store your photos and even use it as a digital picture frame.

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