JLA M1 Minimalist Hybrid Table Speaker

$995 USD
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Make your furniture work for you with the JLA M1 Minimalist Hybrid Table Speaker. In addition to being a delightful side table for your living room, it also holds a secret. Tucked underneath is a powerful speaker to fill your entire space. The M1 Table is wonderfully minimalist and features striking angles. Fitting in just about anywhere, the M1 Table features an 8-inch woofer as well as a 1 1/8-inch optimized silk dome tweet. Pairing together, you get nothing but premium sound. However, one-upping the audio is the intelligence. The M1 Table can actually detect when your connected device begins to play music. It will instantly turn on to play through the sound system. Finally, on the top are two touch-sensitive controls for seamless music management.

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