Cinera Immersive Personal Theater Headset

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Experience the magic of the cinema without leaving your couch with the Cinera Immersive Personal Theater Headset. Combining visual and audio technology, this headset gives you everything you love about the movies. The Cinera Headset offers an impeccable 5K UHD display on a giant screen through the use of two screens. This dual-screen solution gives each eye its own display and light path. Ensuring no loss of quality, you get extremely vibrant and vivid 3D images. In fact, it’s four times sharper with a whopping 39 pixels per degree. The headset sits atop an articulating arm. With this, you can place the headset exactly where you’d like it without the burden of the weight. Simply sit down on your couch, put the headset in place, and enjoy. Running on Android 6.0, the ultra-wide view gives you that movie theater-like experience right at home.

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