Inmacus 18mm HD Lens Kit and HD Macro Kit for iPhone 6/6+

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Inmacus™ HD 18mm f2.0 Multi Coated wide angle lens is designed specifically for iPhone 6 and 6 PLUS to attain additional wide high clarity images and video. The 18mm wide lens can be mounted easily with the Rapid Grip Adaptor (patent pending) and works seamlessly with iSight camera in photo, video, SLO-MO and time-lapse mode to provide an extended angle of view to include details by more than 50%. Optical design based on f2.0 aperture enable all light to be transmitted for clearer and brighter digital still and videotaping. When fitted on IPHONE 6 and 6 PLUS, the wide angle is automatically converted to 18mm which produces stunning results when taking pictures and video of majestic landscape, group photography or individual picture capturing with more background details. Professional grade optical elements are selectively chosen based on their optical characteristics and combined to produce the best possible quality image, grinded and polished to exact design specifications. Application of broadband multi coated on all the optical elements further insure maximum light transmission with lowest level of light reflection and flare to produce bright, high clarity still pictures and videotaping.

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